Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick Update from Croatia

Thought Id take a few minutes to write before heading out on the town...

Currently in Zagreb, Croatia, which was a little bit of a change of plans. After a relaxing night in Kalambaca, I headed up to Thessaloniki, Greece, to spend a day or two. Got in much earlier than I expected and kind of wished I had just slept in instead of taking the early train, but oh well. Checked into my hotel and wandered the streets for a few hours, but all was fairly quiet considering it was Sunday. Had one of the most amazing meals of my life... grilled swordfish and sauteed spinach, all drenched in lemon, olive oil and oregano... all washed down with some tasty house wine... yum. Blockaded myself in the hotel room for the night with Greek beer and Friends reruns, and got some much needed RnR.

Ventured out again on Monday morning, and it was a much different Thessaloniki. It was nice to see the city in action, and I walked through lots of markets and saw all the main tourist sights. Intended to catch the overnight train to Budapest at 4:15, but it left about an hour and a half late.

Note to everyone out there- if I am ever making travel arrangements with you, and suggest public transportation, shoot me down. Between this experience, the Greyhound bus to Vegas, and the 6 AM Manhattan to Conneticut train, I think it is safe to say that I do not make good travel decisions. The train was hot, I sat in the car with the broken window, and it was very crowded. I did make friends with a Macedonian guy about my age and a bunch of teenage girls who spoke a little English, so at least it was fun. Beautiful countryside too - Macedonia is definitely getting added to the to see list.

So got into Belgrade, where I was supposed to change trains, about 3 hours too late. Next train to Budapest wasnt until that evening, and there was no way I was going to spend a whole day wandering Belgrade (again.) So hopped a train to Zagreb with an Irish and Scottish girl, and here I am! Had a fantastic dinner with them last night and am very excited to wander and see the city today. Turns out it is Croatian Independence Day, so it should be quite the party. Was offered a job at my hostel... have to say I am strongly tempted! Will head to Budapest tomorrow morning, then back to Zagreb and onto Sarajevo Sunday night.

Thats all for now... keep your eye out for postcards, because I managed to find a post office before leaving Greece, and keep your fingers crossed that I make it back home! :)

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susan said...

ok again not funny!
you are not staying in croatia or anywhere else in europe if i have to come over there and drag you back!
hope you are having a blast
cant wait to see all the pix you are taking and have my fingers crossed that a post card arrives!