Sunday, August 5, 2007

What I've been up to in London...

I found an internet cafe that doesn't charge $5 an hour, so while I still remember, here's what I've been up to the past few days:

St. Paul's Cathedral - walked all the way to the top for the view - over 450 steps!!! Worth it though.
Tate Modern museum
Shakespeares Globe Theater
Boroughs Market - organic food market with cheese, bakeries, olives, oils, meats.... num num!!
Vinopolis wine museum - pricy, and not really sure it was worth it for only a few tastes of wine
Curry and cider for dinner - trying to fit in with the locals

Westminster Abbey, to see all the dead people
Walked up to Trafalgar Square, and saw 10 Downing St, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, and some other things that looked really important
Hung out in St. James Park
Shopped at Harrods
Hung out in Bloomsbury Square, near my hostel (Harry Potter is crack, and I need to spend at least an hour a day reading it - damn you J. K. Rowling!!)
Joined the group at the hostel for a pub crawl of Covent Garden

Went to Leicester Square to get theater tickets
British Museum - saw the Rosetta Stone and chunks of the Parthenon
Had amazing Thai for lunch
Went to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery
Walked through Leicester Square again, Piccadilly Circus, and up through SoHo to my hostel
Saw Avenue Q in the West End - so funny, and cute, and definitely worth it!! Who knew puppet sex was so hilarious...

Work up early to head to the Tower of London - also really funny, and the best tour I've had so far
Went to Spitalsbourgh (sp?) market - basically just a big junky flea market, though some cool shops
Walked along the Thames, then more reading of Harry Potter
Now sitting in Leicester Square, about to get dinner in Chinatown

Plans for the next few days:
Having high tea at Kensington Palace, seeing Wicked, a few more museums, and definitely some souvenier shopping.... plus:

Why I Know if There Is A God I Am On His Good Side
(or, the Great British Beer Festival!!!)
While I am in London!!!

Only 2 1/2 days left!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Greetings from London!!

Lots to catch up on.... I've been traveling a lot this past week, so I didnt have many opportunities for internet access. Spent my last weekend in Sarajevo laying low. Went out with the older DU students one last time, and had an absolute blast. Other than that, just hung out, packed, cleaned the apartment and ate lots of my favorite ice cream. :)

Caught my bus to Ljubljana, Slovenia, Sunday night. Got in early Monday morning, and spent the day wandering the town and climbing up to this beautiful castle with views overlooking the whole city. It rained in the afternoon and evening, so I hung out at the hostel and met some really fun British guys who gave me the scoop on what to expect in London and some tips on great places to go and see.

Got to do more sightseeing on Tuesday.... I absolutely loved Ljubljana. It's such a beautiful town, and the people are so friendly. It seemed so much more positive and clean that Sarajevo. It's amazing to me that things can be so different, even in countries so close.... heck, they used to be the same country. Just a completely different mentality and attitude. Did some shopping and wandering, had dinner with the British boys, then went to bed early so I could catch my 8 am train.

Spent the next afternoon in Vienna.... basically just had lunch, walked a bit, and went back to the train station. Had some local bratwurst, but wasn't too impressed. Think I'll stick with Johnsonville. :) Didn't really get to see too much of the town, but not sure I'm a huge fan.

Caught my flight to London that night with no problems, and made it to my hostel at about 11 PM. I've spent the last two days sightseeing and walking the city.... and I absolutely love it. Its so great to be in a city again, and around English speaking people, but it's still so different than being back in the states. Again, everything is so clean, and the people have such pride in everything.... their country, their sports, their appearance, and especially their city. I've met some people at the hostel, and did a pub crawl with a group last night... lots of fun! Let me tell you though, I thought I had a tolerance until I drank with Brits and Australians. I definitely cannot hang.

Ok, internet time is running out.... doing more sighseeing today, then hopefully a play tonight!! Only 4 more days!!!!