Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here I go again, on my own...

Quick update while I'm enjoying free internet at my hotel..

Spent last night in Athens and had dinner with the two remaining girls in town. It was so sad, having everyone leave, one by one... but we enjoyed free wine and watched the sunset from a rooftop underneath the Acropolis, so I got over it pretty quick. Woke up early and headed out on an 8:20 train for Kalambaka ... to stand up for the first 3 hours because I didn't realize how to actually purchase a seat, but at least there was beautiful landscape on the way. Saw lots of vineyards and plenty of green, which I missed on the islands. Relaxed around town and enjoyed the beautiful view. It feels nice to be in a city where people actually live, and to get the real "Greek experience." Hardly anyone speaks English, and it's been a nice day of downtime and detox. Heard an American next to me at dinner, and turns out he's from Boulder (45 min outside of Denver.) So I've now come to Greece to meet two Coloradans. We had dinner together, and I'm heading to bed early. I am thoroughly ready to enjoy a bed where I don't fall through the cracks and a room to myself!!

Definitely starting to miss my friends from the cruise... Liz, the Aussie who entertained me through song and dance and her love of men in uniform... Karin, my crazy Kiwi "Jim Bame" chugging roommate... and Jack, my American / Australian / Zambian sunset-watching / drinking / deep meaningful conversation buddy. But, it's nice to be "off" for a few days....

Will write more from Budapest in a few days, but hope all is well at home.


Beth said...

That was cool that you ran into somebody from Boulder! After such an exciting trip some down time might be nice to reflect on your past week. Hope you have fun in Budapest.

susan said...

oh how exciting!
your "friends" sound neat, and i hope you got addresses so you can stay in touch
miss you terribly and hoping you are safe!!
cant wait for the next installment!