Wednesday, May 30, 2007

10 more days....

Got my address in Sarajevo:

Rachel Robinson
Abdesthana 10
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia - Herzegovina

Apparantly there is some chance I will get mail, but the earlier sent the better. So be sure and send me some cards in June!

I haven't been able to find it on Yahoo Maps or Google Earth, but we've been assured it's right in the center of town, near Bascarsija (not the way they would spell it - there's a quite a few accents.) Bascarsija is the Turkish market, with lots of vendors, little shops, and cafes. I spent an afternoon there before, and it's a really beautiful, old-world little section of town. Seems like a great place to be located.

Started packing last night, and things are looking good for the one bag plan. Should have plenty of room to bring back little trinkets and goodies for everyone! Putting stuff in my bag made it kick in that I'm really leaving in less than two weeks. I'm getting excited, but also a little anxious! I wish I had spent more time learning the language, and I def. need to do a little more research on what I want to do on my weekends and while I'm in London.

Also getting nervous about the fact that I have 3 papers to finish before Monday and have to start preparing to move next week. Blech. Speaking of, time to head to campus......

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Counting down...

30 days until I leave!!! Went and got all of my immunizations done this morning, which was a ton of fun, but hey, at least now I know that if for some reason Typhoid hits Sarajevo I should be all set!!

I've been starting to think about packing, and what to bring.... blech.... I'm going to try and do it all in one bag, which sounds like a grand plan, until I reazlied I was female. So we'll see if I'll be able to work that out.

Starting to also think about planning my trip to London before I get over there. It sounds now like I'll be on my own, so I can't decide if I should just play it by ear, and get off the plane with no plans, or have everythign organized and established before I get there. Option 2 seems more my style, but I would hate to have some amazing encounter or experience and be stuck in a routine. God, I watch too many movies. Thinking about taking a day or two journey into Paris as well, so it might be best just to plan it all out now....

Ok, back to homework.... less than 4 weeks of class left!!