Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Budapest (finally!)

Well it's Thursday night, and I finally made it to Budapest after a fantastic two days in Croatia. I forgot how much I really do love it there.... even the capital is beautiful, the people and lifestyle are great, and maybe its just my own comfort level, but everything just seems so much more enjoyable. I ended up being there for their Independence Day, so I got to watch the military parade in the morning, wander the city, read and relax for a few hours in the Botanical Gardens, and see all the major tourist sites. Spent the afternoon at the beach where the locals hang out, then hit the town with a bunch of the group staying at the hostel. All in all, probably the best day of my trip so far (though Mykonos was a close second.)

Caught an early morning train with a couple that I met from Finland, managed a few hours of sleep, and saw some of the most amazing countryside. Yep, definitely prefer this to Greece - its so nice to see green again!

About to wander out in Budapest now.. planning on exploring tonight, seeing Castle Hill and Margaret Island tomorrow, then the baths and more exploring on Saturday (with plenty of socializing and cafe pub sitting squeezed in between.) Will write again before heading down to Sarajevo... I cant believe I only have 9 days left!!

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susan said...

i meant to ask you, why did you want to go to budapest?
sounds like you are meeting lots of fun people
smooches, love you